Phd Fellow in Competence Development in Elderly Care in the Interaction Between Education and Practice Learning Aalborg University, Department of Communication and Psychology Denmark



At the Department of Communication and Psychology, the Faculty of Humanities, there are 1 January 2018 or shortly afterwards, a vacant post as PhD fellow in Competence Development in the elderly care in the interaction between education and practice training.




The project is a collaboration between Aarhus Municipality, SOSU Østjylland and Aalborg University, which will map and create new knowledge about learning and competence development in the interaction between social and health education and workplaces in elderly care. The project will generate knowledge that can contribute to a sustainable model for both students' learning and the skills development of skilled employees. The project must be organized so that cross-professional cooperation and learning is central. The following areas may be included:


  • Teaching methods and different methodological and theoretical approaches: Is there a difference between the benefits of different learning methods depending on whether you are a student or a qualified employee? How do learning and teaching methods support each other?
  • Learning environment: What does terms and conditions mean? Nursing home and home care for the learning? How to create a good learning culture with the given terms and conditions at school, home care and nursing homes? Coherence and match between content and level in the education section and practice.
  • Context-specific themes: what learning and competence development is relevant in, for example, relatives or similar key elements of social and health care work?


We are looking for a candidate who has insight and interest in learning and the social and health care field that is curious and persistent and who would like to contribute to involving different actors in the research process.


There are intermediary and teaching activities in the position corresponding to ½ year work. The activities will be divided between Aarhus Municipality, SOSU East Jutland and the Department of Communication, and will be based on the PhD project and the candidate's other competencies.


The PhD student will be employed At Aalborg University, but the workplaces will be both Aarhus Municipality, SOSU East Jutland's Aarhus Department and the Qualitative Studies Research Group (QS) at the Department of Communication, Aalborg University. The candidate is enrolled at the PhD School of Humanities at Aalborg University under the program Human Centered Communication and Informatics (HCCI).

Qualification requirements 

PhD program is rated for 3 full-time equivalents. The scholarship can be applied by candidates and graduate students who expect to complete their studies before the expected date of employment (special contract and documentation for the exam date).
The PhD program is conducted in accordance with Executive Order No. 1039 of 27 August 2013 (PhD Executive Order), as well as the Faculty's internal rules for the PhD program.


General information 

PhD student is enrolled at the Humanities PhD School, Aalborg University.
Please refer to the PhD School website for information about the PhD program, admission requirements, application procedure, etc.



  • Application (Application form)
  • Project description - see website for details 
  • CV
  • diplomas
  • Foreign applicants must submit an IELTS or TOEFL test (except for these are Nordic countries, countries in which English is a native language).
  • Application for any merit


Possibly. list of publications.

Possibly. Examples of written work. Eg. Special or similar

Applicant's overall qualifications are assessed by an assessment committee. Shortlisting is used. This means that after the application deadline, the head of department, with the assistance of the chairman of the assessment committee, will select the candidates to be assessed. All applicants will be informed as to whether or not they have gone on to review. The selected candidates will be informed of the composition of the assessment committee, and each candidate will be given the opportunity to comment on the part of the assessment that concerns him / her. Once the recruitment process has been completed, a final rejection will be sent to candidates who are not considered.

The Faculty points out that the applicant's project description can be checked for plagiarism.

The application and all the above appendices must be submitted via the link below "Search Online".


Contact information

Y Further information about the research training program can be found on the program's website. PhD Program Human Centred Communication and Informatics (HCCI)


Potential applicants are welcome to contact Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication Charlotte Wegener at mail or telephone 30458582 or to education manager in Aarhus municipality Helle Rasmussen at Email: or phone 2979 9331.


If there are questions about the application procedure, please contact Anne Lone Bråten email:




Recruitment is in accordance with the applicable employment notice for academic staff at universities and current employment structure for academic staff at universities. Recruitment and remuneration shall be in accordance with applicable collective agreements for state-employed academics.







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